Temporary Managing Director, Smart Grids Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V., Stuttgart, Germany

Customer: Smart Grids Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V., Stuttgart, Germany, 2014

The Smart Grids Plattform Baden-Württemberg e.V. was founded in November 2013 with stakeholders from electricity supply industry, network operators, real estate developers, manufacturers of IT and other equipment. The platform is dedicated to put the Smart Grids Roadmap Baden-Württemberg into action. This roadmap was developed in a joint effort with 140 stakeholders over the course of one year. Comprehensive smart grids projects in the German province of Baden-Württemberg shall be initiated and coordinated to demonstrate the feasibility and the benefits of smart grids. In particular, smart grids shall enable the integration of (distributed) renewable energy plants as well as create new value propositions in the field of energy supply.

Shaping the Energiewende...


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